What might Mortal Kombat have looked like in the 1800’s?

With Mortal Kombat 1 formally announced and on the horizon set as a reboot and “new era” of sorts for the franchise, it really got me thinking what tournaments and competitors within the history of Mortal Kombat might have looked like.

We all know in the original story of Mortal Kombat, we were on the 10th and final tournament which would have decided the fate of Earthrealm against Outworld, but what might have previous tournaments looked like, especially now under the new Fire God of Time Liu Kang’s influence?

Let’s start by re-imagining what our favorite characters from the series might have looked like if they were in the 1800’s!

A portrait shot of Sonya Blade, who looks to be wrapping her hands with leather in order to protect her wrist and forearms.

Here she is no doubt working on her stance and form. What form of Martial Arts would she have been a practitioner of?

Major Jax Briggs certainly would have been an imposing figure that commanded respect in the era. One would hate to be on the wrong end of that steel grip!

Raiden, the God of Thunder, served Earthrealm quite well as its’ protector.

Beautiful, graceful, but deadly. Princess Katana appears to be rapidly spinning one of her fans.

Could this have been her as well? Or perhaps Jade? She was her protector after all, even acting as a double in disguise at times.

No doubt this is Mileena, wearing the mask to conceal her frightening visage.

Gah! Put that mask back on, please!

Shang Tsung was a powerful sorcerer who mastered the mystical arts to manipulate others, and consume souls in order to maintain his youth.

Sub-Zero adorned in Lin Kuei fabrics that helped protect his body from the extreme cold.

Here are more of the Lin Kuei ninja, wearing various different outfits over the years.

Johnny Cage would have surely been a trend-setter of the era, wearing $500 pair of bifocals unlike anything anyone has ever seen.

Could this have been Sorcerer Quan Chi?

Quan Chi looking absolutely terrifying here.

The Great Kung Lao of legend, striking a pose.

Could these have been the Shirai Ryu? Members of Scorpion’s ill-fated ninja clan.

The Ninja and denizens of Outworld and Netherealm adorned in outfits that may have intended to strike fear to into the eyes of foes.

Was this Reptile shapeshifting in order to attempt to better blend in with the humans?

Other Reptile ninjas, throughout the years.

These two ninja appear to be fighting within the frigid cold…More Lin Kuei?

AAAAHHHH!!!! No wonder Prince Goro was so feared! GAH! Alright, I’m out of here!

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